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Lake Fuschl & the region

Pure ralaxation
The Land Hotel Schützenhof is nestled in the beautiful Salzkammergut Lake District countryside directly on the shores of Lake Fuschl. Lose yourself in the wonderful refreshingly clean nature in and around Fuschl am See and enjoy life in the Salzkammergut with all your senses.

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Lake Fuschl in the making

Lake Fuschl came into being, as did the other lakes in the Salzkammergut region, at the end of the Ice Age. As the giant glaciers melted, not only did enormous amounts of stone and ice come tumbling over the foothills of the Alps but large quantities of snowmelt were left behind. The original lake was created in this way and covered enormous areas of the foothills of the Alps. With time the banks of the lake broke away and water seeped through creating new, smaller lakes – just like Lake Fuschl. More than 80 (!) ponds and lakes were created in this manner in the Flachgau and Salzkammergut region. In addition charming moor lands emerged. As you walk around the lake numerous reeded inlets act as a reminder of Lake Fuschl’s origins.

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Water quality 
Lake Fuschl is the only lake in the Salzkammergut Lake District which lies in its entirety in the county of Salzburg. Just Four kilometres in length, Lake Fuschl is one of the most popular lakes in the Lake District and is considered one of the cleanest in Austria.  The clear, clean water of drinking quality boasts underwater visibility of up to 6 metres – the best visibility amongst the Salzkammergut lakes.

Lake Fuschl facts
average height above sea level: 662,4 m.
average surface area: 2,65 km²
maximum depth: 67,3 m
average volume: 97,43 Mio m³
geographical position: Lake Fuschl lies in the foothills of the Limestone Alps