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Tradition & Philosophy since 1950

In 1950 Stefan and Maria Leitner inherited 394m²  of land from Stefan’s parents and started the building work for the planned lake-side café and pension. On July 1st 1951 the café opened its doors for the first time and over the years to come  the café’s success meant that constant changes and extensions were made. The pension started with just 6 guest rooms in the first floor. A few years later the rooms in the second floor were also completed making a total of 28 beds – the start of a hotel tradition.

In 1958 the adjoining piece of land directly on the lake shore was bought, a terrace was built and a new hotel entrance was built. Although the café terrace is right next to the lake there was no where for the guests to swim and sun bath, so in 1970 Mr. & Mrs. Leitner bought their beach house with it’s shady lawns leading down to the lake. Adding just another attraction to the hotel and the guests returned year after year to enjoy the hot summer days by the lake. 1980 the entire lake-side wing of the hotel was lovingly renovated and repainted.

Stefan and Maria’s niece Petra, began to work at the hotel in 1986. She was joined by Franz Josef Vogl , her boyfriend in 1988 and in 1990 the happy couple were delighted to announce the birth of their daughter Stephanie. The wedding followed a year later and in 1992 Petra and Franz took charge of the hotel, known in those days as “Sport-Hotel Leitner” allowing Stephan and Maria to enjoy their well-earned retirement.

In 1993 the family grew again when Franz-Dominik was born on 19th November. The following years were spent completely refurbishing and rebuilding the hotel to bring it up to modern comfort standards. This meant that the entire village-facing wing was torn down and completely rebuilt offering new, more comfortable rooms, a sauna and fitness area and a seminar room. Once the hotel renovation was completed the hotel was given it’s new name and the ***Sport-Hotel Leitner became the ****Hotel Schützenhof. On 20th April 1995 the Hotel Schützenhof was re-opened. However, the opening was not entirely a happy affair as Mr. Leitner, or Uncle Stefan as he was known as to the family, died on 18th March 1995 shortly before the opening. On March 14th 2002 Franz and Petra’s third child was born – another girl and Johanna Karin Anna-Maria is of course the darling of the family. A year later the family took over the Hotel Sägemühle not far from the Schützenhof. The rooms were used to offer the hotel staff comfortable living quarters and apartments and the hotel’s restaurant  became friendly and inviting.

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