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Our wellbeing offers

Relaxation baths

Aromatic oil baths
various scents (by season)
approx. 20 min / € 25,-

Herbal baths
Sea salt with nettle leaves (purifying, draining), sea salt with lemon balm leaves (calming, relaxing), sea salt with elderflower (warming, revitalizing), sea salt with rose petals (balancing, mood enhancing)
approx. 20 min / € 35,-

Cleopatra bath 
The top quality of the goats milk used in this treatment ensures a soothing and relaxing bathing experience. It supplies the skin with important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins A and E.
approx.  30 min / € 45,- with 1 glass of sparkling wine


Classical massages
Full body treatment (approx. 60 min.) / € 60,-
Partial body treatment (approx. 35. min) / € 35,-

Pantai Luar
Pantai Luar is a classic Indian bundle massage where two herbal bundles are heated to temperatures of up to 130° C. A special oil is then used to stimulate the body’s energy meridians. This helps cell regeneration and revitalisation. The massage has a beneficial effect on the metabolic rate and blood circulation enabling the body to get rid of impurities in the body tissue.
Full body treatment (approx. 60 min.) / € 98,-
Partial body treatment (approx. 35. min)  / € 55,-

Energy point massage – Lever Lever
Briefly stimulate certain energy points of the body is brought back into line.
approx. 50 min. / € 75,-

Facial treatments

IMMEDIATE BEAUTY Gesichtsbehandlung
An effective treatment with long-lasting effects for ladies
with algae mask approx. 50 min. / € 65,-
without algae mask approx. 40 min / € 58,-

IMMEDIATE BEAUTY perforMANce Gesichtsbehandlung
The effective treatment especially for men
approx. 30 min. / € 58,-

Herbel Belle Visage
Herbal bundle massage for the face and neckline. Improves cell regeneration and revitalisation and tunes the skin’s cells.
approx. 40 min. / € 65,-

Body wraps

 Scottish bath
The Scottish band is a body scrub which speeds up the cleansing and detoxifying the body. The metabolism is strongly encouraged. The body is full of energy and feel like after a fresh dip in the sea.
approx. 40 minutes. / without aromatic oil € 43, – / with aromatic oil € 45, –

The Rasulschlämme made of pure rock flour mixed with water. Pollutants and waste products are easily transported out of the skin. The peel effect maintains and tightens the skin and ensures a flawless complexion.
approx. 60 min. / € 55, –

Seaweed wrap
In this treatment are the forces of the sea at the center. Rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and iodine help to boost your metabolism and to drain. For a wonderfully taut and smooth skin, pulp regeneration and blood circulation is stimulated.
approx. 60 min. / € 65, –

Wellness packages

“Ladies -luxury body”
Sea salt herbal bath with rose petals
Body wrap Rasul
nurturing anointing
Relaxation in a waterbed with warming hay / herbal pillow
65.00 € per person

Scottish bath
Immediate Beauty
Seaweed Body Wrap
Relaxation in a waterbed with warming hay / herbal pillow
95.00 € per person

“1000 & One Night”
Pantai Luar (partial treatment)
Relaxation in a waterbed with warming hay / herbal pillow
124.00 € per person

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