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Our wellbeing offers


Pleasant part-body massage with massage oils produced especially for us from Fuschl’s herbs garden.
25 min. € 35,-

“Fibling“ Massage

Herb pouches are warmed up to around 120°C and are drawn over the skin. The heat stimulates the regenerative system and the body’s metabolism thus supporting skin cell renewal. The soothing warmth pleasantly relieves muscle tension.
Part-body massage 30 min. € 55,-
Full-body massage 50 min. € 80,-

Facial Treatments based on Dr. Spiller Method

Facial treatment “Filblingsee“
Cleansing, peeling, mask, finishing massage with daily skin care
50 min. € 69,-

Facial treatment „Eibensee“

Cleansing, peeling, Vapozon steam treatment, deep cleansing, beauty ampoules, cream packs, finishing massage with daily skin care
60 min. € 80,-

Facial treatment “Fuschlsee“

Cleansing, eyelash dyeing, peeling, Vapozon steam treatment, deep cleansing, eyelash shaping, face masks, finishing massage with stem cells formula
80 min. € 102,-


If you would like to treat yourself and your body to something good, then take a little break from stressful everyday life and visit me. With soothing relaxation techniques and gentle body movements your cardiovascular system is boosted, all muscle groups are stimulated and harmony is brought to your body, spirit and soul. I look forward to welcoming you.

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