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Hike on the Schober

Walking time: 2 1/4 hours, length: 7 km
Altitude difference: 600 m, way back: 1 3/4 hours
Walking to Wartenfels ruins: 1.5 hours Difference in altitude: 240 m

from Fuschl am See – lakeside – hotel Waldhof right – over Waldhofalm – and Gasthaus Schlössl – Gasthaus Schlössl the woman’s head and Schober summit Walking time: 1 1/4 hours, altitude difference: 380 m – trail from Gasthaus Schlössl over Wartenfels ruins, Schober summit and Frauenkopf Walking 2.5 hours difference in altitude: 400 m – Gasthaus Schlössl the ruins Walking: 20 minutes, length: 0,5 km, height difference: 100 m, following the inn right of the mark – ruins on the Schober summit Walking time: 1 hour, length: 1 , 5 km, height difference: 300 m – Schober summit woman head over the Schober hut the path leads to the woman’s head, Walking time: 20 minutes, Length: 500 m, altitude difference: 50 m, descent way to Gasthaus Schlössl


Eibensee – Ellmaustein trail

Walking time: 4 hours, length: 20 km
Altitude difference: 300 + 200 m

Fuschl Wolfgangsee – yew sea – along the yew Seebaches – through Wildmoos – until Eibensee – either along the forest road to the Marienköpfl around the Little Chapel -. Or path number 13 b northeast of Eibensee the slightly more difficult climb, to Kleiner chapel – cross the Wolfgangsee – somewhat steep ascent to Ellmaustein Crest – along the Ellmaustein’s, first the forest, then the Ellmaustraße – right at the foot of the climbing Ellmau stone to the Wolfgangsee; This route is also a demanding course for runners and Nordic walkers. From Fuschl the Eibensee + retour Walking time: 3 hours Length: 10 km, height difference: 260 m


Hiking Fuschl am See (circular)

Walking time: 2 hours Length: 7 km
Altitude difference: 70 m

From the hotel – the promenade along – after the Hotel Waldhof right to Schoberweg to the 1st bifurcation – right across the high field to Wolfangseebundesstraße – cross – at the foot of the Ellmau stone along to Ellmaustraße – first direction Ellmau – then the Ellmau Steinweg right – to Ruming mill – Mühlenweg back to the place – by the main road underpass, again to the parking lot.



Walking time: 1.5 hours Length: 6 km
Altitude difference: 80 m

From the hotel to the church – underpass federal road – along the Mühlreitweg – Steinbachstraße right – then equal Rumingweg left – after the settlement right the woods along – until Bambichlhof – right out the forest road – then by the Höhlweg to Perfalleckstraße – when Brunnwirt the highway cross and through the campground to the parking lot.


Fuschlseerundweg , so called “Fuschl SEE” trail

Walking time: 3 to 3.5 hours, length: 12 km
Altitude difference: 70 m

A circular trail, which is mostly near the lake – only on the west side, away at the Schloss Fuschl, and in the area of ​​the outflow of Fuschler Ache the way something from the lake, but through a wonderful nature reserve. (S. Themenwanderweg)
Openings: beach Fuschl and Au-Straße, Seewinkl, Fischerweg and Halbach, Castle Fishery, Hofer beach and dog market.

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